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Escapology is a real life escape game. 2 to 6 people are locked in a room where you will have 60 minutes to find clues, face challenges and solve problems in order to escape.



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Some FAQs

Play from 8 to 80! There are no age limits for our games! Escapology is made for everyone!

Play in groups of 2-6 players. Children under the age of 13 should play alongside at least one Adult to help them understand the clues.

You have just one Hour to Escape - if you make it, your name goes on our ‘Leaders Board’ on our web site. Can you be the fastest yet?

We will give you a video briefing before your game starts, and complimentary drinks and photos after your game.

No special skills or knowledge are required to play the games, they are written in English. You just need a keen mind!

Once you have chosen the theme of your game we will give you an audio-video briefing in our briefing area, this explains the game itself and the sort of things you should be looking for? What is the final aim of the game? And some health and safety matters. You will be assigned a Game Master to guide you throughout your experience.

The Game Master will monitor you inside the rooms by CCTV, they are there to guide you through your experience and to help you enjoy it.

If you are really stuck, you may ask for a hint! The Game Master will point you in the right direction but may deduct time from you in return!

Not everyone escapes the first time but stay in the game if you can. Of course in an emergency you can leave the game at any time.

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